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Alnoor-Alhadetha Ltd

Alnoor-Alhadetha Ltd is part of the company chain includes Alterug-Alshafy company and Bait-Aldawa company. ANH is located in Triploy and it covers all the western side of Libya.


Alnoor-Alhadetha Ltd is part of the company chain includes Alterug-Alshafy company and Bait-Aldawa company. ANH is located in Triploy and it covers all the western side of Libya.

Alterug-Alshafy is Located in Benghazi and it covers the Eastern part of Libya. Bait-Aldawa is located in Misrata and it covers all the mid areas of Libya.

ANH’s mission is to contribute to the enrichment of the quality of life around Libya through its supply chain of international pharmaceuticals and through the provision of pharmaceuticals that address diverse medical needs.

The business environment facing the pharmaceutical industry continues to evolve in Libya and around the world. In the midst of these changing conditions, we are working to realize our 2025 vision of being a top-rated company, we are striving to satisfy unmet medical needs as a wholesaler of various drugs, including vaccines, generic and OTC drugs, that meet a variety of medical needs.

Alnoor-Alhadetha Ltd

Securing high quality and reliability, and delivering a stable supply of world-class products


We operate in an ethical manner and recognize that being a trusted and respected partner is essential to our long-term success. We abide by regulatory and legal requirements, as well as our own ethical standards in every interaction with employees, patients, healthcare professionals, partners, and all stakeholders


Company Culture

Our employees are dedicated to helping people around Libya live healthy and meaningful lives. This important mission guides us in managing with a global perspective and always respecting local values. We recognize that our success depends on providing value and earning the trust of patients, healthcare professionals, health authorities, payers, and all those who depend on us – regardless of where they live.


Safety management system

Pharmaceuticals contribute to the health of people all over the world, and ANH has established internal systems to ensure a high level of safety management. ANH exhaustively compiles safety management information (such as information on side effects) from around the world and provides accurate information on appropriate usage to medical professionals.

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